Golden Prize eLearning Awards 2007 - Project Common Values.
First prize at the Global Junior Challenge 2004 Rome - Project Youth have say agains terrorism.


About IMOR

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IMOR won the gold prize at the prestigious challenge eLearning Awards 2007 for the project “Common Values”

The project Youth Have a Say against Terrorism won First Prize on the International competition in category of youth on age of 18 on Global Junior Challenge 2004, Rome.

IMOR empower people across diverse communities in the spirit of multicultural understanding and cooperation, civil society, democracy, inclusiveness and pluralism; promoting non-discrimination and equal opportunities; supporting the development of environment in which are enabled and respected human, employment, education, health rights of marginalized, excluded, discriminated, disabled, vulnerable groups, families, groups at risk; and providing support in their inclusion and integration into the society by implementing existing international and/or EU positive experiences.

IMOR creates networks of people who communicate internationaly, exchange experiences, appreciate other cultures, are open for collaboration, bridging over borders and barriers that are not crossable for others by using ICTs. Acting like that, global citizens are built, citizens for whom cosmopolitsm is an everyday experience.

IMOR puts significant mark and seal with its work in Republic of Macedonia and promoting Macedonia on international level with its achievements.

By entering finales of very important significant international biannual challenges in competition with hundreds of projects from all continents and winning first prize at the prestige Global Junior Collage in Rome 2004 and other successes achieved on an international arena, IMOR has confirmed its quality and comitmment.

General info

Name: Association Interactive Education and Resource Netowrk IMOR.




IMOR's Mission is empowering people in the spirit of multicultural understanding and cooperation, civic society and democracy...



Work with youth, citizen society, multiethnical understanding, human rights, environmental issues, international collaboration...


  • IMOR
    is members in national and international formal networks as autonomous and equal-rights member:

    лого за 25. годишница на iEARN.

    Since 1988, a global network of educators, youth, coordinators, and supporters have worked together to build a global collaborative management structure and participant-driven network that is now active in more than 40,000 schools and youth organizations in 140+ countries. Today, more than 2,000,000 students each day are engaged in iEARN project work - learning together, and working collaboratively to make a meaningful contribution to the health and welfare of the planet and its people.

  • Non-governmental

    Information exchange:
    Foundation OSI Skopje, Institute for Sustainable Communities, Macedonian Center for International Cooperation, Institute for International Cooperation.

    Active communication: Caretakers of the Environment International, Union of High school Students of Macedonia.

    Cooperation on projects: Association for animal protection "Srna" from Skopje; Colegium from Bitola; Biosfera from Bitola; Gardijan from Bitola; Civic Track from Bitola; Members of the coalition Mosaic; Members of the coalition It's enough!; Catholic Relief Services - Macedonia, iEARN International, Harry Fultz , Albania, Youth Independent Activities, Albania; Youth Center Prishtina, Kosovo; High School Krusevac, Serbia; Foundation for Education, Science and Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria; School "Thimi Marko", Korca, Albania.

  • Governmental

    Information exchange: Ministry of Education and Science
    Active communication: Agency for Youth and Sports, National Commission of UNESCO for Macedonia
    Cooperation on projects: National commission of UNESCO for Macedonia, Bitola Municipality, Agency for Youth and Sports, Bureau for Development of Education. c) Private and public sector

    Private and public sector

    Information exchange:
    Macedonian Telecom, MT Net, LDK Consultants, Ministry of Finance, Presidential Cabinet.
    Cooperation on projects: Macedonian Telecommunication, MT Net.


прирачник за граѓанско општество


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IMOR and its members offer training, support and expertise in many areas.
Trainings are designed for students, young and adults.
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Interactive Education and Resource Network Association IMOR offers a wide range services in the field of IT, communication technologies and multimedia, project-based learning, formal and informal education, professional and career development, human resource management, organization management, project management, research engineering and consulting services.