Clean water for a healthy world 

Believe in yourself (the translation in English is not available)

Learning about Cultural Diversity – an Opportunity for Youth Cross-cultural Cooperation

Safe and Secure Youth.Net

Children in action for a cleaner environment

Strengthening capacities of future teachers and other professionals working with children from multiethnic societies (more...) (Shqip)

Connectin People Online sharing human resources

Education Modernisation Project (more...)

Telecolaborative projects - opening new posibilities and widening perspectives

Spring Day for Europe 2007 -Schools Celebrating Europe

Common values

Local government in your community

Global Teenager Project

Information for Youth Emopwerment

Fostering Sustainable Reintegration in Albania, Kosovo Province and Macedonia by Engaging Capacities of Local NGOs in Providing Services to Returnees. (more...)

Youth, E - ducation, Civil Society

Information for Development - Linking and Empowering Balkan Youth

New Education Posibilities - Better Persectives (more...)

Youth Preserving Traditions and Creating the Future (more...)

Colors of the Rainbow in Bitola are Shining on You (more...)

Youth Communicating and Networking on HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS: Beyond my Own Backyard

Youth Have a Say Against Terrorism

School Connectivity Project

Large Socio Economic Development Project

Organizational Transformation of Bitola Municipallity According Citizens

Citizens Agreement

Citizen Platform for Peace and Stability

Transfrontier Cooperation in The Prespa/Ohrid Region in the NGO Sector (more...)

Balkan Youth Network

People have the Power (more...)

Hey, Go Out and Vote, It`s Important (more...)

Building Bridges over Borders by using ICT and Project Based Learning

GEMS (Global Educational Model Schools)

Balkan in our Eyes (more...)

Teenager Beliefs (more...)

Medincens in our Backyard (more...)

KVCO (Kids Video Collaborate On-line) (morе...)

International Education and Resource Network (mоrе...)

Project in frames of global network of International Education and Resoucres Network (iEARN). (more...)

Links to major projects:

Youth Communicating and Networking on HIV/AIDS
Building Bridges over Borders by using ICT and PBL
Global Teenager Project
Youth Have a Say Against Terrorism
School Connectivity Project
Balkan Youth Network
HIV/AIDS: Beyond my Own Backyard http://www.iearn.nk/index2.html
Do We Have a Spare Planet
GEMS (Global Educational Model Schools)
Medicines in our Backyard
Balkan in our Eyes

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