Frequently asked questions

-What does IMOR mean?
IMOR means - Interactive Education and Resources Network

-How long does IMOR exist and what does it represent?
IMOR represents a association of citizens (nonprofit organization ) formed in the year 2000,
known by the name International Education and Resources Network, but in the year 2004 it was renamed in Interactive MOR.

-What are its activities (its mission)?
IMOR as an nonprofit organization works to enable the young man in Macedonia in the spirit of inter cultural understanding cooperation, citizen community and democracy through project and research activities with the use of computer and communication technologies.

-What groups does this organization embrace?
Target groups witch IMOR embraces are: youth and students, nationalists, handicapped people, marginalized people, children, unemployed people.

-In witch field is IMOR active ?
IMORs activities are not connected only with education. IMOR is active in many sectors: work with young people, civil society,  education, ethical understanding, human rights, ecology, international collaboration, learning to appreciate different cultures and art, marginalization, poor society, gender equality.

-What exactly are IMORs activities, what does this organization actually offer?
IMOR has many types of activities, as well as many types of possibilities.
Activities and possibilities :
on-line project work, training and advice, information, an innovative way of using computer and communication technologies, exchanging young people and educators, identifying young leaders and working with them,  working with new technologies, development of multimedia products, realizing concepts for open learning and learning at a distance, student stays, organization networks.

-Does this organization have actual goals?
IMOR has more actual goals. If you want to find them out, click here .

-Where is this organization situated ?
IMOR is situated in Bitola, on:
st. „Milton Manaki“ 17
7000 Bitola

Tel.   +389 (47) 203 555
+389 (47) 203 555
e-mail> imor@ imor.org.mk
fax: 047 252 524

Contact Persons:
Jove Jankulovski - Head of the Board
( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it )
Rada Arshinkovska - Head of Assembly
( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it )

-How many members does IMOR have?
The total number of members is 230 .

-On witch principles in woks of the organization based on ?
As a civil society, IMOR works on the principle on voluntarily work.

-What is IMORs structure and its parts ?
You can see IMORs structure here .

IMORs parts are:
-Assembly of 60 members (with participation of 45% women , and participation of 70% young people under the age of 30);
-Managing board who is also the executive body counting 7 members.

-Where is IMORs network spread out?
IMOR is active in 15-20 schools from a total of 95 secondary schools in Macedonia.
It has resources centers in Bitola, Kumanovo, Kocani, Skopje, Tetovo, with plan of further expansion to fully cover the territory of Macedonia.

-Is IMOR a profit or a nonprofit organization?
IMOR is a nonprofit organization.

-What does my school or me need to do, to take part of IMOR?
To be a part of IMOR is necessary to have a wish and to be interested, as well as to get in touch with the people of IMOR that can help you with your membership.

-What criteria should be fulfilled by new members?
Members ought to have knowledge of English and computers, especially Internet and e-mail,
as well enough time to devote to on-line work.

-What does the members work consist of?
-On-line work on projects
,help with organizing and cooperation with other organizations, mutual communication, exchanging experiences, participation in workshops, training.

-Witch projects are made by IMOR?
Links to major projects:


Youth Communicating and Networking on HIV/AIDS http://www.digiarts-hiv-unesco.org/index.php

Building Bridges over Borders bu ising ICT and PBL http://www.imor.org.mk/programmes/bridges

Common Values http://www.imor.org.mk/programmes/common_values

Spring Day For Europe 2007 http://www.imor.org.mk/programmes/spring_day_07

Global Teenager Project http://www.iicd.org/virtualcompus

YouthHaveaSaygainstTerrorism http://www.imor.org.mk/programmes/noterror

Svhool Connectivity Project

Balkan Uouth Network http://www.imor.org.mk/programmes/byn

HIV/AIDS:Beyond my Omn Backyard http:/www.iearn.nl/indeh2.html

Do We Nave a Spare Planet http://www.imor.org.mk/programmes/planet

GEMS(Global Education Model Schools http://www.imor.org.mk/programmes/gems

Medicines in our Backyard http://www.imor.org.mk/programmes/medicines

Balkan in our Eyes http://www.imor.org.mk/programmes/bv

-Are there any major achievements and what are they?
All achievements can be seen here .

-Membership with other networks ?
Networks who are members with IMOR are here.

-Why do I need IMOR ?
IMOR is an organization that helps in solving problems in all fields of living, where young people are concerned. IMOR helps in solving problems through education.

-Why is IMOR different?
IMOR is different because of the way it functions. In IMOR each participant is equal.

-What does IMOR offer?
IMOR offers training for its new members, as well as for all those interested.

-Can IMOR help teachers who want to participate in the projects? Finances? Technologies? Educational strategy?
IMOR helps all. Teachers who have a wish to participate in the projects can get expert help from our trainers, who can help them to learn how to solve the problem, to learn educational strategy, give them their technical resources on disposal, but help is not with finances.

-How can my school or me become a member ?
To become a member you need to register on

-How much does registration cost?
500 MK. for individuals, 5000 MK. for organizations.

-Who is the project leader?
Projects are lead by a project coordinator, who coordinates all acticities.

-How much does participating in projects cost?
Participating in projects is free.

-How can I start a project?
You first start by researching for the projects theme.

-From where do I start?
You simply start by sending an e-mail.

-How can I connect with other schools in the country?
IMOR and
iEARN enable you connection with other school using ICT and on-line communication.

-How can i get in touch with the forums/groups?
Links through professional development.

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прирачник за граѓанско општество


IMOR offers materials / resources prepared by IMOR and iEARN that can be used for professional development with designation of ownership. To access the materials you need to login / register.


IMOR and its members offer training, support and expertise in many areas.
Trainings are designed for students, young and adults.
Inform yourself about the areas of training that IMOR offers connecting the following link.


Interactive Education and Resource Network Association IMOR offers a wide range services in the field of IT, communication technologies and multimedia, project-based learning, formal and informal education, professional and career development, human resource management, organization management, project management, research engineering and consulting services.