Building Bridges Over Borders by using ICT and Project Based Learning
MLS of the project: bridges@imor.org.mk

In the framework of this project we are:

  • Establishing centers of competences in Macedonia and Albania that will provide educators and community who have demonstrated the desire and facility to engage youth in collaborative projects with the technological tools to enhance their learning and youths’ opportunities for learning.

  • Organizing exchange of staff, youth, ideas and materials.

  • Establishing network of youth and adults that are cherishing cross-cultural understanding gained in this project between Macedonia and Albania.

  • Provide educators with ongoing professional development opportunities and support with which we are expanding their ICT skills and multi-cultural awareness and learning opportunities for youth.

  • Developing sustainable and replicable models of good practice that use technology for learning and cross-border collaboration.

  • Contribute to the ability of students to engage collaboratively and to encourage social responsibility, multi-cultural awareness and self-actualization.

  • Raising cross-cultural awareness, fostering cultural outreach, and building bridges/network of young citizens of contemporary information age.

Acting like this we are spreading our idea and approach on the higher level aiming to create network of open-minded dedicated and committed young people ready to be part of and to show how to bring adults together and show politicians that geographical and political borders are crossable. By involving actively young people and empowering them we are Building bridges over borders by using of ICT and project based learning.

"We must be the change we want to see in the world" (Gandhi)

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