Open letter from youth to all stakeholders 


We the participants of the project "Building Bridges over Borders by using ICT and Project Based Learning" between Macedonia and Albania have felt the need to show the world our work and cooperation in doing something for a better future. The exchanges we had were a really interesting and rewarding experience. Working together has given us a chance to overcome the differences between us. We find out more about each other’s country, culture, history and also making new friends. Although we have been together for only six days, we have established continuous contacts between us as the result of ICT that this project is based on.

We have been sending mails to each other on the many topics . This wonderful project, that has taken a special part in everyone’s hearts, has helped us in overcoming differences easily, changing our opinions and creating a better view for our future.

Being so open minded, enthusiastically, we have come up with new ideas for the follow up of the project. Not only that we have the mere visions of organizing a summer and winter camp, net meetings, new exchanges, debates, but most importantly we have the will and potential to make them real.

Further more, we would like to deepen the collaboration between our two countries, and not to stop there. The bridges are to join not only two shores but they should overcome every gap between people. That is why we believe it is essential to expand the cooperation with the other neighboring countries, as well as countries from throughout the world. However we do need help in order to perform our goals for a better world.

We want to thank you for supporting us and giving us opportunity to learn more via ICT, empowering us to break stereotypes, and to energize us to take action towards making meaningful differences in the world.




1800 young people from Macedonia and Albania

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