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Overall objective

To contribute in provision of development possibilities for young people from the Balkan region (in particular from Kosovo and Macedonia) by introduction of e-learning platforms and collaboration opportunities for them, by outreaching excluded and marginalized youth groups, aiming at establishing network of young people that are understanding and appreciating other cultures.

Specific objectives
  • To contribute in empowering young people by using ICTs;
  • To create IT mobile units;
  • To encourage young people to create, contribute, and cooperate with their peers, fostering dialogue, and ethnical tolerance;
  • To contribute to the ability of young people to engage in on-line collaborative activities and encourage social exclusion, multi-cultural awareness;
  • To organize exchange of ideas, materials, content, experiences;
  • To organize Internet conference that will involve local and international communities;
  • To collect and publish on Internet events, activities and different agendas undergoing in the region;
  • To establish network of youth and adults from the Balkan region that will understand and appreciate diverse cultures, cherishing values gained in this project and disseminate them to broader community.
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Internet conference
E-networks – Perspectives for Youth 
February, 2010