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Expected and achieved outcomes

Expected outcomes

Achieved outcomes by February 28, 02


        To identify 2 sites where Internet Educational Centre (IEC) will be stationed.


        Sites were identified during December 01.
One IEC will be installed in Bitola, Macedonia.  Second IEC will be installed in Tirana, Albania.



        To secure at least 3 quotations for equipment procurement.



        3 quotations were collected per country. Steering Committee decided all equipment to be ordered from a vendor in Macedonia, and afterwards, part for Albania to be exported there. Equipment for IEC in Albania was delivered on February 8, 02.



        To prepare secure rooms for IEC in Macedonia and Albania.


        Secure rooms are prepared to receive the equipment.



        To install equipment in both IECs.



        Both IECs are installed and opened. Openings themselves in both countries were at the same time presentations of the project. Parents, students, local authorities, NGO community, media, were present. Secretary General of National Commission of UNESCO for Macedonia officially opened IEC in Bitola, Macedonia, at February 2, 02. IEC in Tirana. Albania was opened on February 27, 02.



        To train 4 trainers and staff per IEC in Macedonia and Albania.



        This activity has been completed at the end of November 01. www.imor.org.mk/programmes/bridges/events.htm


        To train 2 persons to serve as technical staff to maintain equipment in IECs.



        In order to reduce on costs, technical staff that will maintain equipment in IEC is not trained in the frame the project. Substitution for staff are students involved in this project who volunteered to maintain equipment in IECs. This is more beneficial for the project in terms of sustainability.


        To train 10 adults and 20 young people per country how to use ICT and how to participate in on-line collaborative projects.

        Since steering committee identified this activity as a crucial one, decision have been reached to give great importance to it, and to train more adults and students. Therefore, in the middle of January number of trained adults/youth was approximately 100, with a tendency this number to be increased.


        To identify at least 2 joint on-line collaborative projects in which youth from both countries will be participating in.


        At the meeting of managing teams from both countries held in Dures, Albania (November 26-28, 01), 2 joint on-line collaborative projects were identified (Teen Life and Communication Technologies). Teen Life is co-ordinated by Macedonian teacher (www.imor.org.mk/programmes/bridges/teenlife); Communication Technologies is co-ordinated by Albanian teacher.


        To organize 2 exchange (study) visits of youth and staff to Macedonia and Albania.


        First exchange was realized in January 10-12, (Ohrid, Macedonia), and 43 students, teachers and staff from both countries took part. (www.imor.org.mk/programmes/bridges/exchange.htm)

        Second exchange was realized in the beginning of March (1-3, 02, Ohrid, Macedonia), with 52 students, teachers and staff from both countries took part. It is important to stress that participants from Bulgaria were present at this event. This was result of the initiative undertaken in this project to involve more countries and more youth, to spread the network across the region. (www.imor.org.mk/programmes/bridges/exchange.htm)

To organize final gathering which will serve for dissemination of experiences to the community, and to plan joint activities in the future.


        This activity isn't done yet.


        To establish network of youth and adults that will cherish cross-cultural understanding gained in this programme (project) between 2 nations.


        Network of youth and adults that will cherish cross-cultural understanding gained in this programme (project) between 2 nations is established and it is expected that it will be extended more than it was expected. This network is extended in Bulgaria. Initial contacts were made and Bulgarian participants were present at second exchange. Commitment is made to spread the network in other Balkan countries.

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