IMOR's network

IMOR's network

IMOR is members in national and international formal networks as autonomous and equal-rights member:

  • One of the founders of CIVIS – Association of SEE NGOs
  • One of the founders of PHILIA – Association of multiethnic cities in SEE
  • UNESCO’s InfoYouth network as the only member from Macedonia
  • International Education and Resource Network - iEARN
  • Caretakers of the Environment International
  • It's Enough! (network of many Macedonian NGOs)
  • Forum of CSO of Bitola (one of the founding members)
  • SEGA – network of youth NGOs of Macedonia (one of the founding members)

IMOR is also member in national and informal nets as autonomous and equal-rights member:

  • Balkan Youth Network (leading organization)
  • Mosaic
  • Coalitions of NGO's It's Enough! and Mosaic are continuing to exist. At this moment activities in frames of coalition It's Enough! are focused on Macedonia without weapon. IMOR is participating in these actions too.


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IMOR offers materials / resources prepared by IMOR and iEARN that can be used for professional development with designation of ownership. To access the materials you need to login / register.


IMOR and its members offer training, support and expertise in many areas.
Trainings are designed for students, young and adults.
Inform yourself about the areas of training that IMOR offers connecting the following link.


Interactive Education and Resource Network Association IMOR offers a wide range services in the field of IT, communication technologies and multimedia, project-based learning, formal and informal education, professional and career development, human resource management, organization management, project management, research engineering and consulting services.