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Interactive education and Resource Network

Project Partners

Education Science and Culture Foundation - ESCF, InfoYouth Member, Interactive and Resource Network Serbia - iEARN Serbia, InfoYouth Partner


Project objectives
Overall objective

To contribute in opening-up opportunities for disadvantaged youth from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro in a frame of collaboration process, aiming to empower youth and facilitate cross-border cooperation by using ICTs.

Specific objectives

      -To assist in initiation of the awareness raising process about the
problems disadvantaged youth are living with in their everyday life; -To develop ICT and web based content in order to share results and present voices of disadvantaged young people;

To contribute of flow of relevant and correct information by using information structures;
- To organize Internet conference on inclusion of disadvantaged youth in local and international communities;
- To collect positive experiences existing in the region and wider how to support this group of young people;
- To contribute in empowering disadvantaged youth by using information and communication structures;
- To encourage young people to create, contribute, and interact with their peers, fostering dialogue, and ethnical tolerance;
- Strengthening regional network of youth and educators from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro that are cherishing values gained in this project and disseminate them to broader community.

I M O R  

Loading organization:
Civil Association "Interactive Education and Resource Network" - I M O R

Target groups  
Diasdvantaged youth from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro:
- Young people with university diploma and no first employment
- Long time unemployed young people
Students from last years of high schools who will be unemployed in the near future
- Young people facing poverty
- Young people from lower social status families using social welfare funds
- Young people with one parent


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